The 21st Century is the era of functional ministry, and our ministry is perfectly positioned to help you meet the growing needs whether in leadership, in the pew or outside of the church walls searching for your destiny.  No matter where you are in the WORLD V.F.M. has the capacity to reach you through it's minstry training based in Durham, NC.
raining and equipping from Durham to Dubai. Here is what we
Welcome to your Future 

  • Onsite,Online & On Location  Training
  • Conferences,Workshops 
  • Network Opportunities (IAAPM)
  • Apostolic Oversight / Prophetic Insight 
  • Spiritual Warfare Consultants
Key Performance Measurements
Our Ministry is a great source for professional ministry training. We incorporate practical hands on methodology into each of our  courses, this allows for measuring students achievements in 10 key areas: 
Gift Development
Delivery & Presentation
Public Prophetic Ministry
Submission to Authority 
Retention of studies 
Team Work & Networking
Hands on Training
Character Development 
On demand Streams and Podcast.
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VFMPTC offers training in Prophetic,Apostolic, Deliverance  and Spiritual Warfare for leaders and believers alike.
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Books and other ministry resources

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 Dr. Marc T . & Patricia M. May, Apostles
Durham, NC
Violent Faith Ministries Prophetic Training Center

"Equipping a Generation to Impact the World"

Onsite, Online, MP3, Conference Call, 

Video or Live Stream 
Attend from anywhere in world
Apostle Marc talks about the relationship 
between Apostles & Prophets with Apostle 
Jonas clark.
Matthew 11:12
And the violent Take It By Force
Prophetic Provision Pt. 1            Prophetic Provision Pt. 2
Prophetic Provision Pt. 2.5            Prophetic Provision Pt. 3
Join the Conference Call LIVE on Sundays @ 8pm est. 712-432-3100 Code 338284
Purpose: To teach the operation and flow of God’s supernatural power used in the lives of believers. This will be done through impartation and biblical instruction and demonstration.