Violent Faith is an international  ministry, we provide  professional ministry services from staffing to training, local to international  training  for individuals, ministries,churches large and small. Whether you are starting a new ministry, expanding an existing one, upgrading your leadership or seeking personal development we can help.

We have many areas of ministry  tailored to meet the needs of people in different dimensions of life. Here we list 4 main areas.

Violent Faith Ministries Prophetic Training Center (VFMPTC)
Strategic  training in The disciplines of Prophetic, Apostolic, Deliverance and  Spiritual Warfare. All programs equip students for the work of the ministry. Those who complete the courses successfully receive certificates.

International Association of Apostolic Prophetic Ministries (IAAPM)
Is an international apostolic network community of apostolic and prophetic ministries and churches.
While in Belgium The Lord spoke to me and said the strength of the network is overseas, with strong focus Africia

Our Mission

To indentify tomorrow's leader today
To train and build strong leaders
To release and send in an apostolic dimension
To plant and build strong local churches (apostolic proto types)
To build relationships amongst leaders
To establish training centers and IAAPM Universities worldwide
To turn the hearts of fathers to the sons

The IAAPM network has a membership of 200, in 6 different nations and growing!
The net has been cast, now it is  time to work the net.
We must work the net together.
You can catch more fish with a net, than you can with a pole!

The need for prophetic and apostolic insight is growing greater in the body of Christ.  The wounds that are being afflicted at the leadership level has increased.  In these times of demonic assault, where does a leader turn or who does he turn to? 

Sons and daughters are being rejected rather than supported for pursuing their vision, thus we have spiritual abandonment in the body; sometimes leaving spiritual children to rear themselves in their formative ministerial years.  There has to be an answer to such concerns.  These issues not only affect the heads, but also bodies in which they are a part (and even churches where they minister).
Sometime ago the Lord dealt with Apostle Marc May about bringing together leaders (Pastors, Prophets, Evangelist, Apostles, and Teachers) to help combat the warfare we all experience in ministry.  
* Personal mentoring, fellowship,and wise counsel
* Accessibility to the Apostles of VFM / IAAPM
* Advanced training through VFMPTC ( lower tuition cost )
* Inter-relational relationship with with VFM and other related networks
* Access to apostolic - prophetic teams
* Certification as a VFMPTC branch location
* License and/or ordination
* Crisis Counseling / deliverance ( if needed )
* Accountability
* Degree programs geared to apostolic prophetic ministry through our
network college and schools
*Accreditation Through IAAPMAC
Reduced publishing cost

US members only

* Access to IAAPM accountants,attorneys and consultants @ reduced cost
IAAPM offers 3 levels of relationship. All 3 fall under the authority of Violent Faith Ministries
which is the highest ecclesiastical body. VFM has in place a board of accountability, as well as an advisory board. The boards are made up of a mixture of five fold minsters of the gospel.

Application for membership: Applications may be obtained from VFM international head- quarters in Durham, NC or you may apply online..  All
applicants must appear before an an apostolic - prophetic council for assesment. There must be an on site visit to the church or ministry headquarters by the apostolic assesment team.

3 levels of relationship
Covering ( apostolic oversight  Prophetic insight and relationship )
Affiliate   ( apostolic prophetic relationship )
Associtate ( apostolic prophetic insight )

Covering Level  All leadership are required to attend and complete one VFMPTC course. In this level there is an interactive relationship between VFM / IAAPM, the church or ministry, and  minister. This relationship mandates a higher level of accountability and greater financial support as well.

Transitional Care
If you find yourself in a place of transition due Marital difficulties, divorce,  or sabbatical don't wonder aimlessly from place to place we  offer a place of rest, refreshing, healing, comfort, deliverance and restoration.We provide transitional care  for leaders and laity until you are reassigned or release to your next assignment.  We offer deliverance and emotion healing from spiritual abuses as well.

International Association of Apostolic & Prophetic Ministries Accrediting council
A network of  certificate, diploma and degree issuing training institutions, bible schools, colleges, ministries and churches. That  share resources, curriculums, credit units and accountability.
Dr. Marc T . & Patricia M. May, Apostles
Durham, NC
International Association of Apostolic & Prophetic Ministries